The Project

The project “Improving the pedagogical skills of tutors in the use of technology for effective teaching and learning” is a Komenda College initiative which is being supported by t-Tel, the Ghana Government, and UK Aid.

The rationale of this project is to upgrade pedagogical skills of tutors at Komenda College to meet the challenges presented to the college due to increased student numbers and the impact of technology on all aspect of life, including Education in this digital age.

Specifically it aims to improve the lesson delivery skills of tutors in terms of pedagogy and content through the use of ICT.

The project is expected to

-      To transform teaching and learning in the college. Tutors will be able to design their own multimedia applications for their teaching and learning processes. This will make the college a leader in advanced technological use in the teaching and learning and again, make students produce excellent academic results.

-      To produce technology oriented teachers who will use technology in their day to day professional duties.

-      To transform the face of education into modern trends moving from the traditional methods.

This part of the project is looking at the selection of appropriate technology for the design and deployment of a learning management system (LMS) for the College.